The first compactor in standard format with battery technology

The field-proven standard combined with the latest battery technology

All the advantages in one machine. Based on proven compaction technology, the battery-powered SPB has a generously dimensioned battery that allows up to 75 pressing cycles – without connection to the mains.

Self-Sufficient Operation

With the right amount of sunlight, the solar cells mounted on the roof of the container generate so much energy that the usage time can be significantly extended. With defined use, purely self-sufficient operation is also possible, especially during the summer months or if the additional solar panel upgrades are purchased.

230 V  Connection – for use (almost) everywhere

If the sunlight is not sufficient, the built-in battery can be recharged via the built-in 230 V connection. A full charge is completed within approx. six hours. The compactor can also be used during the charging process.

Intuitive Operating Concept

One press of a button – one compaction operation. The clear interface with charge level display enables the operator to use the full potential of the machine. The intelligent charge controller protects the electronics from incorrect operation, thus optimising the  life time of the installed battery.

Co2-neutral and energy-saving – a Win-Win-Situation

With self-sufficient use via the solar panels, no CO2 is generated for the compression process, as would be the case with grid electricity, among other things.

In addition, the energy-efficient unit can significantly reduce the electricity costs incurred – even in mains operation.