LSP – Liquid State Polycondensation P:REACT

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LSP - Liquid State Polycondensation P:REACT


The LSP-Process utilizes the inherent capability of PET to condensate in the molten phase under vacuum. This condensation leads to an increase of IV. The high performance vacuum effectively decontaminates the material from harmful chemicals, - securing further use of the material for 100% food contact.

As molten PET enters the vertical part of P:REACT, strands are formed to create a suitable surface to volume ratio. The material is then collected in a horizontal drum and slowly pushed forward. Condensation starts immediately as the strands are formed and is set forth until PET exits P:REACT. IV increase is controlled by the residue time and the vacuum level of the molten PET inside P:REACT and therefore can be adjusted to a desired level. The settings of parameters allow the control unit to maintain the desired IV-level within a small tolerance-band.
The decontamination performance is extremely effective, as carried out in the liquid phase of PET. The cleaning of the material exceeds limits set by recognized food safety standards, but also effectively removes spin oil from fibers. The IV increase can be measured in approx. 0.01 dl/g per minute.

Continuous opteration by design

The continuous operation of P:REACT provides rPellets within a narrow IV-range, suitable for usage in valuable high end applications (i.e. fiber-spinning or sheet extrusion). Batch related IV-fluctuations are simply designed out.n.

Rapid IV-increase

The favorable conditions inside P:REACT (temperature/surface:volume ratio of the melt/high performance vacuum), easily initiates the condensation-process of PET. This results in IV increase rates of some 0.01 dl/g per minute. Faster reaction leads to faster results and a more profitable operation.

High decontamination performance

The separation of harmful contaminants, as spin-oils or those components not desired for food contact, are removed by high performance vacuum. This high decontamination performance allows the use of P:REACT for many applications for highest flexibility.

Automatic control of IV-Level

P:REACT actively controls the residue-time of the PET-melt and the vacuum inside the reactor and automatically adjusts the machine parameters to receive the desired IV at a consistent level.

FDA approved for 100% food contact

Scientific, third party tests show, that harmful components in the PET-melt are easily and securely removed within P:REACT, ensuring highest safety standards for 100% food-contact.

High energy efficiency

The recycling of PET requires the material to be melted. P:REACT uses the melt-energy for condensing PET. The reactor itself only maintains the heat-level. P:REACT is therefore highly energy-efficient, which results in low operating costs.

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