Otto Graf

GRAF - a company that started producing plastic containers for agriculture in 1962, has now grown to become one of the most popular sellers of rainwater harvesting, composting containers and similar containers in Europe.

Today, the GRAF group employs about 550 employees, of which 330 are in Germany. More than 70 countries around the world buy GRAF products.



BAUER is a German-based company that sells forklift accessories and multi-purpose containers and containers internationally.

The company uses the highest technologies for production, thus guaranteeing that the products meet the highest safety and quality standards. Back in 1993, BAUER was certified DIN EN ISO 9001.


STEINERT US is a global leader in magnet and sensor sorting equipment for the scrap, recycling, and mining industries. Greater accuracy and purity of sorting materials, due to its separation technologies
and therefore a premium quality product is obtained

STEINERT spends more than 2 million USD per year for research and development of new technologies, North American laboratory in 2014. tested 196 tons of customer materials, and the equipment is designed to last at least 10 years.
For select equipment, the company offers a 24-month warranty, extensive service contracts, and training for your team. Combining over 125 years of superior technical expertise with world-class customer service, we can deliver the most reliable magnet and sorting equipment in the industry.


One of the leading companies engaged in the processing (rotoforming) of plastic masses in Slovenia and Central Eastern Europe. Actively goes to the Western markets and at the same time preserves the superiority of the existing markets.

Aim at the development of high-quality and aesthetically acceptable products that meet the main requirements: quality, safety, and efficiency. This ensures the market advantage and recognition of its brand products in an increasingly competitive market.