Containers tipping devices HKV2500

Code: MBT-HKV2500-M

Mobile tipping mechanisms for standardised containers according to PN EN 840 up to 2500 mm lifting edge.

These tipping devices are a practical tool if garbage is collected and stored inside bins of 60 ltr. up to 2.500 ltr.
Full bins are transported to the compactor and easily tipped for emptying.

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Containers tipping devices HKV2500

Mobile tipping mechanisms are movable devices. The advantage of these devices concerns the possibility of changing their location and using them with a few containers - depending on the needs. Option of loading into the container of 2500 mm height. It is used to empty the containers manufactured according to PN EN 840 standard. The device has its own power.

The electrical control of the device meets the device safety requirements - regarding two-hand operation. The maximum gross weight of a lifted container may not exceed 800 kg.

The drive consists of a compact electro-hydraulic unit with a standard control-panel.

Layout of tipping-devices depends on:

  • Type of bins (60 to 2.500 ltr.) or special containers
  • Carrying and lifting - weight
  • The required lifting height
  • Container standart

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