Crusher bucket MB-C50 S4

Code: MB-C50 S4

The MB-C50 S4 is the smallest crushing bucket in the MB product range, weighing less than 1 tonne, designed to work with excavators from 4 tonnes.


  • Designed for mini excavators and perfect for small crushing jobs.
  • Due to its compact dimensions and low weight, this bucket is a particularly useful tool for gardening, including limited working space, guaranteeing a high level of performance, up to 10 m³ / h, and the highest level of performance in the entire MB crushing bucket range.
  • Suitable for mini excavators, excavators, and backhoe loaders from 4 tons.

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Crusher bucket MB-C50 S4

Crusher bucket MB-C50 S4


  • Suitable for crushing all types of inert materials formed after the demolition of buildings
  • Crushing of materials directly on site
  • Reduces the need for other mechanical devices
  • Solves the problem of taking materials generated after the demolition of buildings to landfill
  • There is no cost of renting or leasing expensive equipment
  • Transportation and economic-administrative costs are reduced
  • It's convenient, easy to use and fast
  • Suitable for work on large and small construction sites
  • Provides the opportunity to recycle materials and thus save money

The MB crushing bucket is ideal for crushing inert materials directly on site.
This is the first similar device to appear on the market. The principle of operation of the bucket is based on the use of the hydraulic system of the excavators on which it is mounted.

The bucket is used in a wide range of applications, from building demolition to general construction work, from the reorganization of former industrial and urban areas to the treatment of materials from excavation of canals and foundation pits, from land management to road construction and maintenance, from quarries to mines, from reclamation to mining operations.

Product specifications table

Recommended for excavators

≥ 3,5 Tons

Recommended for mini loaders

Recommended for backhoe loaders / loaders

Recommended for backhoe loaders / mini loaders

≥ 4 Tons


0,75 Tons

Loading capacity

0,15 m³


200 bar

Oil flow

90 l/min

Aperture dimensions

L 540 H 250 mm


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