Granulators SB

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Herbold’s SB series with forced feeding are ideal for all types of size reduction applications from PET bottles to pre-shredded materials where maximum performance and cost efficiencies are a must.

Pasižymi šiomis savybėmis

  • Higher throughput performance
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Larger product quantities
  • Lower noise emissions

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Granulators SB

With Herbold’s force feed SB series granulators the material is transported by horizontal or vertical screws. The force feed method is unlike a conventional granulator which relies strictly on gravity to get the feed stock to the cutting area. Herbold’s design forces the feed stock into the cutting area and controls the amount of material being fed./p>

Advantages of an even forced feeding:

  • Higher throughputs (30 to 50% higher capacity with the same granulator size compared to traditional granulators
  • Lower energy consumption (30 to 50% less power input compared to standard granulators)
  • Even rotor loads (fewer fines and less dust in the reground)
  • Automatic treatment of lower noise emission
  • High safety level, no material ejection and absence of the typically large opening for the conveyor belt and/or manual feeding
  • No continuous manual feeding by an operator
  • Available in either a dry or wet configuration.


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