JENZ HEM 922 DQ-Truck hybrid

Code: HEM 922 DQ - Truck hybrid

Wood chipper with hybrid drive (twin-engine technology)


  • Shreds branches and logs up to max. 90 cm in diameter
  • Productivity up to 430 erdm./h.
  • High-performance shredding in continuous operation
  • The shredder is powered by a powerful self-propelled engine and all the shredder and crane hydraulics are powered by the truck engine.

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JENZ HEM 922 DQ-Truck hybrid

Field of application:

  • Highly efficient machine for the production of wood chips and biofuels
  • Designed for large-scale biofuel production


  • Optimized material inclusion node and regulation of the inclusion process
  • Compact 4-axle truck chassis with rear-wheel drive for exceptional maneuverability
  • Possibility to use agricultural tires on the drive axles - increased passability will help to "break out" even in difficult road conditions or off-road
  • Protection against extraneous objects - the system is designed to reduce possible losses when a foreign extraneous enters the crushing unit (eg reinforcement rod, stone, etc.)

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