Wagner Tyre Dismantler WRD 450

Code: WRD450

The WRD machine series is used to separate passenger car rims (steel or light alloy) from tires. These machines are used where large quantities of tires need to be dismantled quickly and efficiently. WRD 450 gali išmontuoti iki 60 padangų per valandą.


  • The compression process takes approximately 60 seconds. WRD 450
  • Powerful hydraulics with high hydraulic oil content to prevent overheating *
  • Reliable, robust construction *
  • High availability and durability *
  • Low maintenance, easy maintenance *

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Wagner Tyre Dismantler WRD 450

Wagner Tyre Dismantler WRD 450

is a cheaper alternative to the WRD 850, suitable for use where smaller amounts of wheels are produced.

The WRD 450 can dismantle up to 60 tires per hour.

Working principle: The wheel is placed on the machine, 3 hydraulic cylinders are started with a mechanical two-hand control (accident prevention).
The cylinders push out synchronously (by moving the replaceable plastic guides) and compress the tire along with the rim.
The rim deforms and the tire can be easily separated from it by hand movement.

Product specifications table

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Drive power, kW


Performance, tires / hour

up to 60

Weight, kg

about 1300


WAGNER WRD450 specifications

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