Code: PS / PD

For the Reduction of the Material Volume of PET Bottles and Other Hollow Bodies made of Plastic


  • Application for PET bottles, plastic hollow bodies and aluminum cans
  • Modified design of the PET-Perforator as glass-crusher
  • Perforation rate > 95 %
  • Applicable for bottles and containers of 0,5 liters up to 5 liters
  • Low drive power
  • Low susceptibility for disruptive material
  • Low investment costs
  • Long lifespan
  • Tools are replaceable and can be re-sharpened
  • Reduction of material volume of more than 30 %
  • Especially suitable for retrofit
  • Optionally with electric control unit

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You are operating a sorting plant for lightweight packaging material from household-type waste collection? At the end of the treatment process, you would like to press PET bottles and other hollow bodies made of plastic with a baling press or a compacting container? You are looking for a solution to optimally prepare the material for the pressing process? For example, letting air and liquids out of the lightweight packaging material? This important task can be handled by our PET-Perforators BRT HARTNER PS / PD!

The Perforator for PET material by BRT HARTNER is equipped with a rotating drum with sturdy knives, an electrical gear motor, a clamping flap (a pressing mechanism), and a frame. The bottles and hollow bodies are grabbed and pulled into a gap between the clamping flap and the drum. The distance is reduced so the containers are not just punctured, but also compressed. Air and also liquids can escape. The bottles and containers are now reduced in volume and cannot roll any longer which facilitates material buffering and conveying. Collection hoppers can accommodate large material quantities. The conveyor belt is used more efficiently, so the baling press can be filled up faster. If required, a bar of counter-knives can be mounted to the clamping flap in order to enable the machine to also perforate very small bottles.

The knives of the Perforator are made of wear-resistant steel and can be re-sharpened. They are sturdy enough to also use the machine as a glass crusher or for aluminum cans. Foreign or disruptive objects within the material are no problem either.

Single Perforator


Double Perforator


Double Perforator with hopper

The PET Perforator can be embedded into a discharge chute of a manual sorting line or mounted above a mobile infeed belt to a baling press. Freestanding machines with infeed chutes and substructure can be realized as well. The Perforator is available in three different working widths and also as a double machine (Double Perforator BRT HARTNER PD).

With the Perforators PS / PD the material volume can be reduced by more than 30 %. The low investment costs as well as its long operational life additionally facilitate the decision!

Product specifications table
PS 06 PS 12 PS 14PD 06PD 12PD 14
Working width600 mm1.200 mm1.400 mm600 mm1.200 mm1.400 mm
Length1.050 mm1.620 mm1.820 mm1.050 mm1.620 mm1.820 mm
Width680 mm680 mm680 mm1.360 mm1.360 mm1.360 mm
Height360 mm360 mm360 mm360 mm360 mm360 mm
Weight300 kg600 kg700 kg600 kg1.200 kg1.400 kg
Trommel number111222
Number of blade bands81616163232
Power requirement2 kW4 kW4 kW4 kW8 kW8 kW
Speed60 rpm60 rpm60 rpm60 rpm60 rpm60 rpm
Throughput40 m³/h70 m³/h80 m³/h80 m³/h140 m³/h160 m³/h

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