Digestate Mixer BRT HARTNER DM

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The Digestate Mixer BRT HARTNER DM for pre-treatment of composting materials produces ideal mixtures of unstructured and structured materials.


  • A mixing unit for primary sludge, sewage sludge or similar treatment
  • Possibility of installation in existing factories
  • No kneading or thickening effects
  • Automatic feeding or wheel loader feeding
  • A precursor to aerobic treatment
  • Production of initial structural material

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Digestate Mixer BRT HARTNER DM

You are operating a biological waste treatment plant? ou need to mix moist bio material, difficult organic residue, or sewage sludge with structural material?

Digestates have to be pretreated before aerobic treatment? You want to produce a ventilatable, almost homogeneous material for the rotting unit with the corresponding air pore volume? Then you need to go for our Digestate Mixer for the pretreatment of fermentation residues BRT HARTNER DM.

The DM Digestate Mixer by BRT HARTNER is used for aerobic treatment - respectively for preparation for the further composting process - of digestates, sewage sludge, or similar material. The structureless material is mixed with structural material such as green waste, raw compost, or screen overflow.

The advantage of the Mixing Unit by BRT HARTNER: Due to the mixing system of the substrates with mixing rollers in a dynamic material flow, compaction or kneading effects are avoided and the substrate is homogenized and loosened up. The result is the optimal starting material for the subsequent aerobic treatment (rotting). By adding structural material and thereby an increase in air pore volume, the decomposing unit is adequately supplied with oxygen at the start. In the course of the rotting process, this should additionally be supported by turning the material. Our sister brand BACKHUS has a variety of solutions for this in their product range.

The Digestate Mixer for the pretreatment of fermentation residues BRT HARTNER DM features a high throughput rate at simultaneously high stability against impurities. Therefore, it is ideally suited both for integration into the automated material flow of continuously operating plans as well as for feeding by wheel loader in batch-operated plants.

Composting facilities that are already in operation can easily be retrofitted with the Digestate Mixer.

Product specifications table
DM 12 DM 20
Useful length~ 6.400 mm~ 11.900 mm
Useful width~ 1.200 mm~ 2.000 mm
Filling height~ 1.200 mm~ 1.700 mm
Filling volume~ 10 m³~ 40 m³
Power supply length~ 1.500 mm~ 6.800 mm
Discharge width~ 1.200 mm~ 2.000 mm
Mixing roller diameter~ 750 mm~ 1.200 mm
Diameter of mixing/discharge rollers~ 610 mm~ 610 mm
Throughput36 – 180 m3/h80 – 250 m³/h

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