Bale breaker BA30

Code: BA30

This bale shredder, with a capacity of about 5000 kg / h (depending on the feed material), can disassemble or open a wide range of compressed bundles and feed them for further processing.

Possible use and advantages:

  • PET bottle bundles *
  • Bundles of mixed plastics *
  • Bundles of paper and paperboard *
  • Thanks to a large selection of feed and discharge conveyors, feed hoppers and various types of machine undercarriage, the shredder can be optimally adapted to the respective tasks and requirements.
  • BA30 is unique in its operating principle and technology *
  • Easy operation *
  • Modular design system, individually customizable *
  • Robust and compact design *
  • Easy maintenance and service *

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Bale breaker BA30

Ryšulių draskytuvas BA30

Veikimo principas:
Ryšulys krautuvo pagalba padedamas ant dozavimo transporterio.
With the help of an intelligent control system, the bundle is fed into the working space.
It is guided automatically and depending on the load by a pusher that is guided by a slowly rotating scraping rotor.
Clogging and material wrapping are avoided thanks to a smart shaft cleaning cycle.


Control system:

  • Optimized power management system based on PLC
  • 10 optional parameter sets (work programs)
  • Quick selection of different parameter sets at the touch of a button
  • Precise rotor current control for maximum performance
  • Frequency converter (optional)

Scraping knives:

  • Sturdy blades made of special steel, screwed to replaceable holders - maintenance-free quick-change system
  • Carbide blades for longer service on request
  • You can choose from a variety of knife shapes and sizes, square knives

Scraping shaft:

  • Wear-reducing metal surface


  • Belt drive system (V-belts)
  • Reliable, top-of-the-line patented KIBO gearbox made in Europe with a high reliability factor
  • Different power levels available (15 - 30 kW)


  • Hydraulic cylinder with universal joint
  • Pusher with adjustable scraper for sealing, used on both sides
  • Roller bearings in guides, controlled by kinematics

Hydraulic unit:

  • Top quality components
  • High power
  • Hydraulic block valve for shock absorption to protect the piston cylinder


  • Robust and easy to maintain
  • Top quality spherical roller bearings
  • The bearings are mounted in such a way that they are not affected by dirt entering the mechanism

Product specifications table

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Working area, mm

1300 x 1400

Drive power, kW

15 – 30

Weight, kg

about 5000


WAGNER BA30 specifications

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