Static roll packer GT 1750

Code: H-GT1750

The HUSMANN roll packer Gigant GT 1750 is exceptionally suited for compacting large amounts of bulky waste into standard open top containers.

Gigant GT 1750 features

  • It can be used for common open top containers of up to 7 metres total length
  • Reduces volume, i.e. up to 80% when packing pallets.
  • No special structural measures on site are required for the installation of the machine
  • Pre-crushing and compacting of large, bulky materials
  • Easy to maintain and to operate
  • A long service life is obtained through the particularly sturdy design of the joints
  • Special protection of the hydraulic pressure hoses by being mounted inside
  • Standard machine equipped with oil cooler

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Static roll packer GT 1750

Bulky waste such as paletts, wooden boxes, old furniture, drums and other light metal parts will be broken and compacted by the moving roller. Thus the container will be packed far more efficiently by using the roll packer Gigant GT 1750. Transports will be utilized much better and the frequency of uplifting reduced, thus resulting in considerable cost savings. The Gigant GT 1750 possesses sturdy design, which is easy to maintain. Easy and simple handling is another outstanding feature of this machine.

Product specifications table

Required space

200 mm + length of container

Container dimensions


Height = 2500 mm

Length = 7000 mm

Width = 2480 mm

Drum weight

1600 kg

Total weight

3600 kg

Drum width

1750 mm

Drum diameter

1200 mm

Electrical data

5,5 kW, 230/400 V – 50 Hz, 32 A

CEE-connection, right hand rotating field


GT 1750 Leaflet

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