TEUTON Z 50 Single Shaft / Universal Shredder

Code: Z50

TEUTON Z 50 Single Shaft / Universal Shredder

TEUTON Z 55 privalumai:

  • 30 interchangeable shredding teeth in three rows distributed over the roller surface
  • Variable final grain size due to tools-less cutting gap adjustment
  • Screen basket system exchangeable without tool use (80 mm - 250 mm)
  • Hydraulically swingable maintenance door for easy access to the shredding chamber
  • Large and wide conveyor belts for maximum material discharge
  • Discharge height up to 5 m
  • Storage space for all options
  • Hydraulic / mechanical driveCentrinis
  • aptarnavimo taškas – palengvinta priežiūrą
  • Central maintenance point – facilitated maintenance
  • Neodym magnetic separator whose working height is hydraulically adjustable allows for discharge of metal scraps on both sides

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TEUTON Z 50 Single Shaft / Universal Shredder

TEUTON Z 50 Single Shaft / Universal Shredderfor almost all shredding tasks.
If necessary, this shredder can be used for both the initial comminution/crushing and the final comminution of the final product into the required fraction.
The new generation of TEUTON universal shredders has a wide range of applications - it is possible to shred wood waste, green waste, stumps, bulky waste, furniture, mattresses, tires, plastics and films, household and various industrial waste, sleepers, electric cables, etc.
Like other TEUTON shredders, the Z 50 also has interchangeable shredding tools - knives, combs, and sieves. Depending on the material being processed, they can be selected and easily replaced in a very short time. The simple and robust adjustment system between the rotor and the counterblade and the use of sieves help to obtain the required size fraction after grinding.
Another advantage of the machine is the wide and long material conveyors, which ensure the removal of large amounts of shredded material, avoiding blockages, and the discharge height of up to 5 m.

Product specifications table

Overall weight

up to 25 t (depending on equipment)


3-axle trailer


Diesel engine Cummins X12

Emission standard

Stage V


373 kW (507 hp)

Number of shafts


Rotor length

3000 mm

Rotor diameter

max. 1050 mm

Number of interchangeable teeth


Rotor speed (adjustable)

max. 40 rpm

Rotor drive

hydraulic / mechanical planetary

Additional equipment available

Interchangeable sieve system, neodymium alloy magnetic separator, on-site drive, hopper lift, etc.


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