Code: Totem

Totemas yra plieninė konstrukcija, sukurta susisteminti mūsų šiukšlių dėžes UrbaPLUS.


  • Occupied area (with 40 l waste bin) Ø 98 cm
  • Capacity 9 bins (model Urba Plus 30 or Urba Plus 40)
  • Galvanized or painted version available
  • Attached to the ground
  • Height 180 cm
  • Functional for street sweeping and washing *

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The Totem is a steel structure created to manage our containers UrbaPLUS.

It is made by modules of 3 containers and it can be fixed to the wall or anchored to the ground and hold 9 bins.

Its shape is perfectly functional for street sweeping and washing.

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