Two shaft shredder Forus FLX 85

Code: FXL85

The FORUS shredders well known as user-friendly got some ground breaking new features!

A bolted flange coupling allows quick and safe replacement of the shredding shafts and thus easy adjustment on a variety of materials, such as green waste, waste wood, tapes, textiles, mattresses, plastics or bulky waste.

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Two shaft shredder Forus FLX 85

For the first time in a mobile FORUS shredder, a pressing device optimizes throughput by preventing bridging of light and bulky materials.

The hopper walls which can be hydraulically lowered and a pedestal mounted in the machine allow a comfortable maintenance.

Product specifications table

Working Data

FORUS FLX 85 – 200 – 250 – 300

Axle base

570 mm

Flying circle of the tools

850 mm

Shredding shaft speed

8 – 33 rev./min

Drive of the shaft switchable

asynchronous / synchronous

Shredding shaft drive

hydraulically / mechanically

Gear box ratio

i = 101.6

Electric-hydraulic unit

3 kW, 24 V

Conveyor discharge height


up to 5.5 m (step less)


Conveyor belt speed

0.5 – 3 m/s (stepp less)

Lifting device for after breaker bar or shredding shafts

Hydraulically liftable / lowerable

Capacity of the lifting hopper part

3.7 m³


hydr. lifting, lowering, shifting

Side walls of the hopper

hydraulical lifting, lowering

Rear walls of the hopper

hydraulical lifting, lowering

Hydraulic tank capacity

250 l

Fuel tank capacity

1000 l


Working Data

FLX 85 – 200

FLX 85 – 250

FLX 85 – 300

Working length of the shredding shafts

2 m

2.5 m

3 m

Capacity of the fix hopper part

3.3 m³

3.9 m³

4.5 m³


34 t

36 t

38 t

Transport length (A)

8.3 m

8.9 m

9.5 m

Length of tracks (B)

4.68 m

5.19 m

5.72 m

Engine power

354 kW

405 kW

455 kW

Max. torque moment

320 000 Nm

360 000 Nm

400 000 Nm


FORUS FLX 85 Broschure

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