Washing line for plastic waste

Code: PET, PE Wash

Systems for the treatment of used, mixed and contaminated plastics.

Herbold plovimo linijų panaudojamos perdirbant:

  • Agricultural, packaging and stretch films
  • PP tape bags (big-bags, raffia)
  • PET bottles and bottles made of polyolefins
  • Fruit, vegetable and bottle crates
  • Hard plastics of all types
  • Plastics from car recycling
  • Waste from electrical devices (WEEE)
  • Containers and barrels
  • Old PVC windows
  • Battery casies

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Washing line for plastic waste

The lines start off with waste material – often pressed in bales – and end up with clean, pure and dry regrind or flakes, ready for densifying, re-extrusion or injection moulding.

Our Herbold washing lines have been designed in a particular sequence in order to achieve, after every process stage, an improved quality of the flakes, to save energy and to reduce the amount of fresh water required for the end product. In modular design from simple wet shredding to the turnkey industrial washing line.


Herbold PET Brochure

Herbold Washing Systems Brochure

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