Waste Watcher 60l Rūšiavimo dėžės korpusas

Code: KNAP-WWK-24-44

Housing and covers sold separately!
60 liter box for sorted waste. Used indoors - in offices, schools, hospitals and similar places.

Product features:

  • Wide use
  • Suitable for various types of waste
  • Convenient handles make it easy to service and move boxes
  • Rounded inner corners help prevent dirt build-up
  • A plastic or nylon garbage bag can be placed inside the containers
  • The containers are supplied with prepared holes for the installation of plastic information boards
  • The cover is easy to attach and remove from the housing




Waste Watcher 60l Rūšiavimo dėžės korpusas

Gray container. The cover of the selected color can be purchased separately.

Additional accessories:

  • The frame with wheels makes the container mobile
  • With the help of special connections, the containers can be connected into one module
  • Mounted information boards with graphic drawings help to understand which container to dispose of

Available lid colors and insertion hole shapes:

  • Blue / Green / Yellow with round or oblong opening
  • Gray with round / rectangular opening
  • Red with a round hole


Sorting box Waste Watcher specifications

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