Semi-underground system GTC

    Code: BAU GTC

    Efficient and Accessible Collection of Waste and Recycling Materials – for Housing Complexes, in the Town, for Rest Areas and Recreational Facilities.

    Available capacities 2.7 and 3 m³.

    Pagrindinės charakteristikos:

    • Designed for everyone - low-level access the container stands in a galvanized ground basin
    • A clear view for all road-users
    • Relatively shallow installation depth, does not interferce with underground cables
    • Easy to instal and inexpensive to move should the neccessity arise
    • Neat appearance - the containers always stand exactly where they are supposed to
    • Sturdy steel sheet construction, welded or screwed together
    • Individual construction on request
    • Much more efficient collection
    • Under ground it’s cooler, more hygienic
    • All of the waste has limited access

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