Prie-shredder HAAS TYRON

2019 March
Reliable track shredder HAAS TYRON can cut even the most complex materials

Semi-undergrouns system BAUER GTT

Effective and modern way to collect waste

BRT Hartner Bag Opener BO 13

2018 Estonia
Clients uses for houshold waste (MSW). Efficiency up to 22 t/h.

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BRT Hartner Bag Opener BO 17

2017 Latvia
Integrated into household waste (MSW) sorting line. Efficiency up to 36 t /h

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Compost turener BACKHUS LT 50

Used for lanes up to  5,0  m width and 2,7 m  height. Turning capacity up to 2000 m³/h

Compost turener BACKHUS A36

Turner for composting sludge and biodegradable waste. Efficiency up to 1500 m³ / h

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Waste recycling bins

We are constantly selling waste recycling bins and other containers for individual clients and for companies.


BB does not crush the raw material, but tears it and distributes it so that the next recycling processes run smoothly.

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