Air separator AIRFIX V 60

Code: AIRFIX V 60

Air separator for continuous cleaning of the coarse fraction after sieving.


  • Cleaning of the coarse fraction after the trommel screen
  • Drive: electric or hydraulic from the trommel screen

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Air separator AIRFIX V 60

Air separator AIRFIX V 60

The AIRFIX V60 air separator can be used for continuous cleaning of a large fraction in the drum screen from fine / light impurities. It is built at the end of a large fraction discharge conveyor. The material is blown from below and the impurities are pumped out. The AIRFIX V 60 separator can have a hydraulic (from the screen) or electric drive.

  • The AIRFIX V 60 air separator uses a 20.5 kW suction/pressure fan. It is installed in a container into which impurities are pumped.
  • The extraction unit can be easily moved with a forklift or other transfer equipment.
  • Areas of application: biomass fractions, compost, recyclable materials.
  • Features: Easy to use, efficiency and economy.

Product specifications table

V40 suction width:

800 mm

V 60 suction width:

1000 mm or 1200 mm

Drive (hydraulic from trommel screen or electric):

20,5 kW


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