Granulator SML

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Granulator SML for light to medium loads. The SML series includes machines for normal, everyday applications in the plastics processing industry, besides the injection or blow moulding machine as the central granulator for larger parts, as edge trim cutters and for many more application possibilities.

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Granulator SML

Grinders in the SML series can be supplied with rotors from 220 to 800 millimetres in diameter, a working width from 300 to 1450 millimetres and drive performances from 5.5 to 160 kilowatts.

The SML 16 models
are a series of particularly wide machines with smaller rotor diameters for the processing of thin-walled panels and skeleton waste, directly in the deep drawing line. The very low design of the granulator makes it suitable for inline shredding and for the processing of thin-walled panels, skeleton waste and film strips.

The SML C-models
C Models series are available with space-saving, fully integrated noise protection. It is specially designed for use in applications where low-noise shredding is a priority.

Granulators can only be incorporated directly into production systems by using space-saving, compact constructions. Herbold C series granulators fulfil these conditions! The low height is convenient for manual loading, even with large granulators.

SML LS models
Grinders in the SML LS series minimise the amount of ultra-fine particles in the grinding stock thanks to their lower rotational speed and significantly reduce noise levels. Ideally suited to applications directly at the injection moulding machine.


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