KONTI H i automatic baler

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The KONTI H i is fully automatic channel bale press represents tried and tested top quality. With KONTI H i, we guarantee high loading levels in continuous operation at maximum effectivity.

KONTI H i features

  • With horizontal wire tying
  • Up to 1950kN pressing force

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KONTI H i automatic baler

Very high pressing forces of 1200kN - 1950kN demonstrate the quality and reliability of the KONTI H i machine. Combining high pressing forces, independent cutting and compression processes and individual channel adjustment creates bales with maximum compression. The sophisticated technology and user-friendly enhancements allow the KONTI H i to be used in a wide range of applications with different materials of different qualities. Due to horizontal tying, the machine is particularly useful for processing small, heavy press materials.
With KONTI H i we guarantee high levels of production when in continuous operation.


The control cabinet is set up remote from the baling press to keep possible oscillations or vibrations away from the press.
The electronic press controller is equipped with a very clear, user-friendly 9'' touch panel for formula management and display of a comprehensive range of functions and data. The latest generation of PLC and touch panel offer enhanced possibilities of remote maintenance.
The mechanical key safety system, which complies with the current Machine Di-rective, ensures very high levels of safety diagnostics.
The open cable routing on PAAL channel bale presses is to avoid damage due to ro-dents.
As an option, we can supply a connection between the baler and the company via LAN interface to represent the data in an Excel worksheet.


The compact construction of the hydraulic unit is characterized by the installed, modern drives with powerful axial piston pumps and low driving power, whereby the energy consumption is reduced significantly.
The hydraulics block, which is directly flange-mounted onto the cylinder, with its large cross-sections results in very low heat and power losses.
The automatic on-demand pump circuit and the clearly arranged pipework save unnecessary energy and maintenance costs.
High-quality modern cylinder design – due to a completely bolted design without welds – eliminates fatigue fractures and metal fatigue at weld seams.

Press Hopper

The press hoppers of all KONTI H i models can be chosen with a retractable perforator for perforating plastic bottles, which improves bale compression.
An optional ruffler loosens up compact types and makes it possible to produce high-quality bales.

Cutting System

The over decades tried and tested knife design now offers with an optimized blade shape a significant reduction of the required cutting force. The cutting system, which is designed with a very large cutting angle and flows towards the side wall of the press chamber, creates a flat bale surface and therefore very stackable bales.
The cutting-edge stamper (option), which is effective across the entire filling width, removes potential material blockages caused by foreign matter. The new design of the stamper bottom enables the discharge of the pressed material. So is prevented an interrupting of the cutting operation by retained material.

Press Box

You can easily access the very robust press chamber through large doors on both sides of the press box. This makes it easier to carry out maintenance and to clean the chamber when changing to diffrent types of material.
As standard, the press box of the KONTI H i is fitted with bolted side wall panels and with bolted highly wear-resistant steel floor plates.

Pressure Plate

Very generously sized rollers, a central guide system and extremely wide side guides guarantee precise pressure plate guidance – with extremely low wear.
The new non-contact, positional ram measuring system allows a precise control of the movements, start and stop positions. The feed opening size can be flexibly selected with the help of the recipe control. So for each type of material it can be individually preselected, so that the bale length, bale weight and bale quality is optimized.
The standard central lubrication points of the rollers and the patented piston rod wedge connection to easily uncouple the pressure plate considerably reduce the time and effort needed for maintenance.
The top of the ram is covered by interchangeable bolted steel plate.
The KONTI H i can be supplied with a fully automatic pressure plate slot cover at the front to avoid material jamming in the front slots.

Press Channel

In conjunction with the finely graduated controller, the fully automatic three-sided channel adjustment adapts the channel opening speed to yield a perfect compression process.
Combined with exact bale length measurement and dynamic formula control, the system processes different material types into highly compressed bales.
The highly stable press channel can be clad with very wear-resistant special steel.


The fully automatic, horizontal 5-fold wire tying system on the KONTI H i is well-established on the market.
The separate wire cutter allows you to use thicker wires. This makes it possible to produce heavier, higher quality bales.
The bolted, replaceable wear insert of the twisting hook results in lower maintenance costs.

Product specifications table






Pressing force

t (kN)

122 (1197)

158 (1546)

198 (1940)

Spec. Pressing force





Tunnel cross section


110 x 110

110 x 110

110 x 110

Hopper opening


200 x 102

200 x 102

200 x 102

Feeding volume

ca. m³




Number of wires





Driving power*


45 / 2×55

2×37 / 3×55

2×45 / 4×55

Press output (ideal)*


430 / 1135

630 / 1265

520 / 1320

Press output (under load)*


290 / 710

395 /805

355 / 850

Press capacity (weight)**


35 kg/m³ e.g. flattened OCC*

ca. t/h

10 / 25

14 / 28

12 / 29,5

60 kg/m³ e.g. mixed paper*

ca. t/h

17 / 39,5

23 / 45,5

20,5 / 48,5

100 kg/m³ e.g. newspaper, magazines*

ca. t/h

25 / 53,5

34 / 64,5

31,5 / 71

Baler weight

(according to equipment)

ca. T




*from / to

**in relation to bulk weight


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