KONTI J multifunctional press for all materials

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The fully automatic tunnel press KONTI H i is designed with reliable, top-quality components. The KONTI H i high-load press guarantees maximum efficiency.

Kadant PAAL Konti J is designed to compact all types of materials into high-density bundles.

  • This is a multifunction press. Vertical (to take up less space), horizontal (easily accessible from the ground) or cross-linking
  • Each press is tailored to the needs of the customers.
  • The design and unique features guarantee that it works simply, economically, and efficiently in all sectors.
  • With PAAL, balers can be tailored to your performance and bale density needs.

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KONTI J multifunctional press for all materials

KONTI J multifunctional press for all materials

The principle of Kadal PAAL

The dimensions of the compaction chamber make it possible to distinguish between cutting operations and compaction. The master cylinder then uses 100% of its force to compact the bundle. Because it is denser, it uses less energy.

Price efficiency

PAAL presses are designed to provide the most profitable pressing solution and the lowest total operating costs


Each press design has easy maintenance and availability, which reduces downtime and increases durability.


The graphical and intuitive interface as well as all the standard security features make it easy and safe to use

With PAAL, balers can be tailored to your performance and bale density needs.

New technologies

The use of state-of-the-art components ensures high performance and minimal energy consumption. Hydraulic unit mounted directly on the end of the press to reduce movement and energy loss. Axial and submersible piston pumps, which use less energy, provide higher performance than older pumps. The use of a real-time, non-contact press plate position measurement system optimizes hopper filling, roll length and bale density. It also allows for maximum compaction of the force, creating a better bale density with less energy consumption.

The key to versatility

Kadant PAAL general purpose balers can be equipped with many options to suit your needs.

  1. The punch is integrated in the supply hopper
  2. A ripper for opening magazine or newspaper packages
  3. PAALconnect data management and display
  4. Clear digital display panel for a better view
  5. remote control of bale production process and press signals

In the same way:

  • Maintenance of remote diagnostics
  • Remote access to management information
  • Determination of the absence of wire

These are just a few of the most popular options.

Product specifications table
MODEL 500 J600 J700 J
Compression forcet (kN)122 (1197)158 (1546)198 (1940)
Specific compression
Working pressurebar314
Bale dimensionsmm1100 x 1100
Bunker opening sizemm2000 x 1020
Loading volumem33,45
Number of wires (horizontal)KONTI H 5 wires
Number of wires (vertical)KONTI V 5 wires
Number of crosslinking wires Model KONTI X 5 vertical wires, 4 horizontal wires
Accepted wire qualityBlack wire annealed, lubricated according to EN 10016-2
Hydraulic pump flowl/min2604204202×2602×4202×4202×2602×2602×4202×4203×4203×4202×2602×4202×4203×4203×4204×420
Oil tank capacityl75012501250125021002100125012502100210031003100125021002100310031004000
Maximum performance without materialm3/h4296506507821135113563163193393312671267518777777107110711323
Maximum performance with material (material 35 Kg / m3)m3/h290395455495710800395430580655805905355480545675760850
35 kg/m3 (OCC)t/h10,213,815,917,324,92813,815,120,322,928,231,712,416,819,123,626,629,8
60 kg / m3 (mixed paper)t/h17,122,826,128,239,644,423,124,93337,545,651,320,727,631,538,743,848,6
100 kg / m3 (newspaper)t/h2532,53739,553,5603437,5485564,572,531,541,54857,565,571
Press weight (depending on options)t445559
Noise level without material at a distance of 1 mdB(A)< 85



PAAL KONTI J specifications

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