Mobilus ritininis presas GT-M 1751

Code: H-GT-M1750

The HUSMANN Gigant GT-M 1750 round baler is particularly suitable for baling large quantities of bulky waste into standard open-top containers. The mobile version combines the advantages of a stationary GIGANT with the flexibility and independence of a powerful diesel engine.

Features of the Gigant GT-M 1750

  • Can be used with standard open top containers up to 7 meters long *
  • Primary comminution and compression of large materials is performed with a drum with abrasion-resistant teeth *
  • Significantly reduce volume, for example when pressing pallets - up to 80% *
  • Easy to maintain and use *
  • Extremely strong connections ensure long machine life *
  • Specially installed special hydraulic pressure hoses *
  • Oil cooler as standard in the machine *

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Mobilus ritininis presas GT-M 1751

Mobilus ritininis presas GT-M 1751

The mobile Husmann round baler is now even more flexible.
This mobile machine is mounted on a special mechanism that allows you to drive on unpaved surfaces.
Oversized waste, pallets, wooden boxes, old furniture, barrels, and other light metal parts are broken and compressed by a moving rotor.

The Gigant GT-M 1750 round baler fills the container much more efficiently.
Transport will be used much better and the frequency of lifting will be reduced, thus saving a lot of costs.
The Gigant GT-M 1750 has a solid construction and is therefore easy to maintain. Another distinctive feature of this machine is easy operation.

Product specifications table


Full length

4500 mm

Full height

6685 mm

Full width

2550 mm

Cabin (l x h x w)

1510 x 910 x 2110 mm

Roll diameter

1200 mm

Effective roll weight

2000 kg

Total weight

approx. 8100 kg



Chassis gear and roller gear

3-cylinder Hatz diesel engine

Ascent opportunity

approx. 10%


approx. 5 km/h


HUSMANN GT-M 1751 specifications

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