Screening bucket MB-LS220 S2

Code: MB-LS220 S2

The largest screening bucket for loaders and backhoe loaders, ideal for screening natural materials in quarries and large construction sites.

The MB-LS220 S2 screening bucket helps to reduce the crushing time by up to 60% without losing material and allows it to be reused later for other jobs.

Sifting bucket is suitable for:

  • For loaders
  • For backhoe loaders

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Screening bucket MB-LS220 S2

Screening bucket MB-LS220 S2

Primary screening of materials resulting from demolition of buildings, earthworks and reclamation of stony soils.
Screening of gravel / gravel in water bodies
Beach cleaning
In all other situations where it is necessary to obtain / separate small and large fractions

Like other models in the MB screening bucket range, the MB-LS220 S2 has interchangeable screening segments with holes of various sizes to choose from depending on the screening fraction required.

Product specifications table




MB-LS220 S2

Recommended for mini loaders

≥ 2.6 Tons

Recommended for backhoe loaders / loaders

≥ 6,5 < 11 Tons

≥ 12 < 25 Tons


0,45 Tons

1,35 Tons

2,80 Tons

Loading capacity

0,40 m³

1,10 m³

2,40 m³


130 bar

150 bar

2210 bar

Oil flow

40 l/min

60 l/min

120 l/min


MB-LS220 (en)

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