Screening bucket MB-S18 S4

Code: MB-S18 S4

The MB-S18 screening bucket has been designed for medium and large-scale contexts that require high performance and large-scale production.

This model is fitted with a metal separator that allows the rapid and efficient separation of iron from the material screened, as well as a spray for the reduction of dust resulting from operations.

Sijojimo kaušas tinka:

  • Excavators between 20 and 35 Ton

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Screening bucket MB-S18 S4

The screening buckets MB are equipped with baskets formed by interchangeable modular panels, available with holes of different sizes based on requirements.

Primary screening of scrap material, demolition material, filling material for excavations, and material resulting from the reclamation of rocky soil
Selection of pebbles in waterways
Cleaning of beaches
A crucial piece of equipment in all situations were smaller pieces need to be obtained

Perfect for the screening and selection of natural materials, both before and after the crushing phase, the MB-S Screening Buckets reduce crushing times by up to 60%, consequently allowing you to salvage materials suited to the type of job being carried out, and to manage them in the best way possible.

Product specifications table


MB-S10 S4

MB-S14 S4

MB-S18 S4


Recommended excavator

≥ 3,5 Ton

≥ 9 < 20 Ton

≥ 20 < 35 Ton

≥ 35 Ton

Recommended backhoe/mini excavator

*≥ 4 < 9 Ton


0,39 Ton

1,10 Ton

2 Ton

3,75 Ton

Load capacity

0,32 m³

1,10 m³

2,40 m³

4,30 m³

Pressure/Counter pressure

130 bar

150 bar

200 bar

320/5 bar

Oil flow

40 l/min

60 l/min

120 l/min

160 l/min


MB Brochure 2018

MB-S18 S4 Brochure

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