Shelf containers CEN


Safe storage of flammable and environmentally hazardous substances – regulation compliant, for indoor and outdoor use.

Pagrindinės charakteristikos:

  • Sturdy steel frame construction with a sump tray and galvanized grids
  • Sump tray: material strength 5 mm
  • Ground leeway 100 mm
  • Natural ventilation
  • With double wing doors or sliding doors
  • Guide track for the sliding doors (also serves as crash guard for the sump)
  • Standard feature for containers with 3 storage levels, otherwise an optional extra
  • Prepared for anchoring to the ground
  • With crane lifting eyes to facilitate
  • loading/unloading and securing loads



Shelf containers CEN


  • Earthing / potential equalisation
  • Electrically operated rolling gate
  • Lighting (explosion proof lighting also available)
  • Fire extinguishing systems asspecified
  • Drum supports fa, galvanized
  • Can shelves gr, galvanized
  • Pe inlays for sump trays
  • Stainless steel sump trays

every unit tested for leakage
flammable liquids, GHS categories 1 - 3
hazardous to aquatic environment, GHS categories 1 - 4


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