Star Screen Star Select S 60

Code: S 60

High performance class star screen, sifting into 3 fractions.


  • Sifting into 3 fractions at once
  • Productivity up to 300 m³ / h
  • 72 kVA diesel generator

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Star Screen Star Select S 60

The Star Screen S 60 has been instrumental in the development of customer preferences and wishes. Wide, one-piece continuous transport conveyors, mounted perfectly in relation to each other, make it easier to transport the machine in the working position. Large liftable body covers simplify machine maintenance. The high folding side makes it easier to feed the material into the large feed hopper. This prevents material from escaping during loading. Serial machine equipment meets any customer needs.

  • Thanks to its electric drive and diesel generator (optional), the Star Select S 60 is a very economical machine.
  • The S 60 star screen has a high efficiency of up to 300 m³ / h by sieving materials into three fractions at once.
  • Areas of application: biomass, bark, old wood, chips, compost.
  • Convenient service design, star screen, diesel generator (optional).

Product specifications table

Number of fractions:


Length of large fraction sieving unit:

4300 mm

Width of large fraction sieving unit:

1200 mm

Effective sieving area:

5,2 m²

Length of fine fraction sieving unit:

6900 mm

Width of fine fraction sieving unit:

1200 mm

Effective sieving area:

8,3 m²

Performance up to:

300 m³/ h (3 fractions)


72 kVA generator

Fuel tank capacity:

300 l

Length of fine fraction conveyor:

7200 mm

Fine conveyor width:

1000 mm

Medium fraction conveyor length:

7200 mm

Medium fraction conveyor width:

1000 mm

Length of large fraction conveyor:

2000 mm

Large fraction conveyor width:

1340 mm

Loading hopper volume:

7 m³

Loading width:

4000 mm

Loading hopper depth:

1850 mm

Gross weight allowed:

24000 kg


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