Trommel Screen Terra Select T 40

Code: T 40

The powerful one in the compact class


  • Designed for all types of materials
  • Trommel diameter 1600 mmA screening output up to 90 m³/h
  • 19 m² screening area
  • Powerful hopper belt drive, wide conveyor belts

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Trommel Screen Terra Select T 40

For the model T 40, Terra Select compressed the technical advantages of the “big machines” and transferred them into a smaller machine. As a result, it also contains the special hopper drive, a powerful diesel motor, hot dip galvanised conveyor belt frame, generous transfer points and wide conveyor belts. The T 40 is a powerful professional machine from the compact class, almost reaching the models from the five metre class, and all of this with an excellent price/value ratio.

  • The Terra Select T 40 is designed for all types of materials. It can also screen substances like earth, soil, sand, building rubble, etc. without any difficulties.
  • The T 40 is a powerful machine with compact dimensions due to its high quality equipment, its well-conceived execution and its 1600 mm trommel diameter.
  • Special features: powerful hopper belt drive, 19 m² screening area, wide conveyor belts.

Product specifications table



Trommel length

4200 mm

Trommel diameter

1600 mm

Effective screening area

19 m²

Screening performance up to

90 m³/h


55 kW diesel motor

Tank volume

160 l

Fine grain belt length

3400/4900 mm

Fine grain belt width

800 mm

Oversize grain belt length

3400/4900 mm

Oversize grain belt width

800 mm

Hopper volume

>3,4 m³

Feeding width

3150 mm

Hopper depth

1550 mm

Feeding height

2650 mm

Approved total weigth

12000 kg


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