Mobile Trommel Screen TERRA SELECT T 70

Code: T 70

The most Powerful Mobile Trommel Screening Machine for Screening all Types of Materials


  • Powerful industrial diesel engine (75 kW)
  • 7.5 m long and 2.2 m diameter screening drum
  • Productivity up to 250 m³ / h
  • 46 m² screening area

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Mobile Trommel Screen TERRA SELECT T 70

The T 70 is the most powerful mobile Terra Select drum screen with impressive performance. With an extremely large screening drum, it easily overcomes difficult-to-screen materials, such as moist compost. The long screening drum and at the same time the long screening section are very suitable for the separation of all types of materials.

  • The Terra Select T 70 achieves up to 250 m³ / h due to its 46 m² effective screening surface area. performance.
  • The screening drum of this model is 7500 mm long and 2200 mm in diameter.
  • Impressive screening area, large loading hopper, large opening from hopper to screen.

Product specifications table

Number of fractions:


Drum length:

7500 mm

Drum diameter:

2200 mm

Effective screening area:

46 m²

Performance up to:

250 m³/h


75 kW diesel engine

Fuel tank capacity:

300 l

Length of fine fraction conveyor:

7200 mm

Fine conveyor width:

1000 mm

Length of large fraction conveyor:

4900 mm

Large fraction conveyor width:

1000 mm

Loading hopper volume:

>6,5 m³

Loading width:

4200 mm

Loading hopper depth:

1800 mm

Loading height:

2850 mm

Gross weight allowed:

22000 kg


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