Trommel Screen Terra Select T 55

Code: T 55

A new class of trommel screens for Terra Select


  • Trommel diameter of 2 m, lenght 5,5 mEffective screen area of 30 m²
  • Throughput of up to 170 m³/h
  • Feed hopper up to 5 m³
  • Quiet diesel engine 55 kW
  • Can use screening drums of other manufacturers

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Trommel Screen Terra Select T 55

The trommel screen T55 machine represents the start of a whole new era for Terra Select within its classes of trommel screens. The newly developed T55 is positioned and fills the gap between the T50 and T60 models. Just like the other trommel screen models from the Terra Select brand, this standardised machine impresses with its innovative solutions and flexible handling. In addition, the drive system of the T 55 is both compatible with Terra Select trommel screens and rotary screening drums from other brand manufacturers.

  • Back to basics: The new Terra Select T 55 trommel screening machine has been kept to the basic essentials, but nevertheless still gives optimum performance without extra fittings.
  • One for all: The Terra Select T55 not only runs with its own trommel screen, it is also compatible with the trommel screens of other brands.
  • Big in business: Large trommel screens need to be kept full. The large size of the feed hopper of the T 55 trommel screening machine, at 5 m³, is a distinct advantage.
  • Perfect match: The Terra Select T 55 also features fast availability and the highest level of reliability at a price performance ratio that cannot be equalled.

Product specifications table



Trommel length

5500 mm

Trommel diameter

2000 mm

Effective screening area

30 m²

Screening performance up to

170 m³/h


55 kW diesel motor

Tank volume

300 l

Fine grain belt length

7200 mm

Fine grain belt width

1000 mm

Oversize grain belt length

5000 mm

Oversize grain belt width

1000 mm

Hopper volume

5 m³


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