Digestate Mixer BRT HARTNER DM

    Code: DM

    The Digestate Mixer BRT HARTNER DM for pre-treatment of composting materials produces ideal mixtures of unstructured and structured materials.


    • A mixing unit for primary sludge, sewage sludge or similar treatment
    • Possibility of installation in existing factories
    • No kneading or thickening effects
    • Automatic feeding or wheel loader feeding
    • A precursor to aerobic treatment
    • Production of initial structural material

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      Stationary Windsifter / Air Belt Separator BRT HARTNER BBS

      Code: BBS

      The separator sorts the feed into light and heavy parts.


      • High light fraction recovery rate *
      • A wide range of settings allows for optimal separation results
      • Integrated filter device *

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        Stationary Trommel Screen BRT HARTNER ST

        Code: ST

        Screen Drum in Stationary Version for Screening and Separation of Different Materials


        • Easy, sturdy construction
        • Horizontal layout with welded screw conveyor
        • Different screen perforations for an excellent screening result
        • Separation of recyclables
        • Emptying of ripped open bags
        • Screening of fines
        • Very maintenance and service friendly
        • High throughput with optimal separation quality

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          Feed Hopper / Dosing Hopper with Decompactor BRT HARTNER DC

          Code: DC

          Feed hoppers with an integral decompactor are used in mechanical and biological waste treatment facilities. They are used for taking up, buffering and dosed feeding of green, biological waste, organic production residues, plastic waste, etc.


          • DC feed hoppers with integrated decompact are used in mechanical and biological waste treatment facilities.
          • They are used for raw, biological, organic production residues, plastic waste, etc. for picking, buffering, and feeding.

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            PAAL KEF Chain conveyor

            Code: PAAL KEF

            The chain conveyor developed by PAAL is characterized by its stable construction. Our years of experience and ongoing further-development make the chain conveyor perfectly suited for transporting all types of press material.

            KEF ypatybės:

            • Construction made of modular screwed frame

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