PACOMAT-D atomatic baler


PAAL evergreen press is fitted with a horizontal or verticla tying system. The robust, fully automatic channel bale press has been a fixture on the market for more than 30 years.

PACOMAT D ypatybės:

  • With horizontal wire tying (PACOMAT II-D/III-D)
  • With vertical wire tying (PACOMAT V-D)
  • Up to 800kN pressing force

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PACOMAT-D atomatic baler

Pressing forces of 350kN to 800kN generate very highly compressed bales. The PACOMAT range is ideal for various qualities of waste paper, cardboard, cartons, foils, PET and many other materials.


The control cabinet is set up separately to keep possible oscillations or vibrations away from the press.
The electronic press controller is equipped with a user-friendly 7'' touch panel for formula management and display of a compare Press Channel.
A measuring wheel with two initiators generates exact bale measurements.
The mechanical key safety system, which harmonizes with the current Machine Directive, ensures very high levels of safety.
To avoid damage by rodents, the cables on the baler are routed openly.
As an option, we can supply a connection from the baler to a computer, e.g. to allow you to evaluate production data in Excel.


The compact construction of the hydraulic unit is characterized by the installed, low-noise drives. The automatic on-demand pump circuit and the clearly arranged pipework save unnecessary energy and maintenance costs.
Highest-quality modern cylinder design – due to a completely bolted design without welds – eliminates fatigue fractures and metal fatigue at weld seams.

Press hopper

The PACOMAT press hopper is supplied with a secured plexiglass door.
The press hoppers of all the PACOMAT models can be chosen with a retractable perforator for perforating plastic bottles, which makes possible better compression.
The press hopper can be fitted with a folding chute or a fixed manual filling hopper for feeding by hand.

Cutting System

The V-shaped cutting system ensures that lower cutting forces are used even with compact pressing material. Due to the cutting system with a relief-ground cutter beam, bales are produced with a flat surface that are easy to stack.
An additional cutting-edge stamper removes material blockages.

Press Box

The well-engineered technology of this baler is accessible through secured doors on both sides. This means that it is easy to carry out maintenance work.
The press box of the PACOMAT is equipped with bolted highly wear-resistant steel floor plates.
The central guide system developed by PAAL in conjunction with eight roller and the side guides ensure optimum pressure plate guidance with extremely low wear.
The patented piston rod wedge connection to easily uncouple the pressure plate considerably reduce the time and effort needed for maintenance.
The PACOMAT III can be supplied with a static pressure plate slot cover at the front to avoid material entering the needle slots.


The PACOMAT II-III series balers are fitted with a horizontal wire tying system.
The PACOMAT V baler is fitted with a vertical wire tying system.
The integrated wire cutter on the fully automatic tying unit makes possible rapid tying.

Product specifications table



II-35 D

II-65 D

III-65 D

III-80 D

Pressing force

t (kN)

36 (356)

65 (633)

65 (633)

82 (802)

Spec. Pressing force






Tunnel cross section


100 x 70

100 x 70

75 x 110

75 x 110

Hopper opening


105 x 62

105 x 62

145 x 102

160 x 102

Feeding volume

ca. m³





Number of wires






Driving power*


15 / 22

22 / 45

15 / 75

15 / 75 /2×45

Press output (ideal)*


450 / 450

280 / 413

339 / 675

275 / 741

Press output (under load)*


145 / 183

115 / 196

125 / 380

105 / 395

Press capacity (weight)**


35 kg/m³ e.g. flattened OCC*

ca. t/h

5,1 / 6,47

4 / 6,9

4,4 / 13,3

307 / 13,8

50 kg/m³ e.g. mixed paper*

ca. t/h

7,2 / 8,9

5,6 / 9,4

5,9 / 17,7

5,1 / 18,7

Baler weight

(according to equipment)

ca. T





*from / to

**in relation to bulk weight

You can find all technical data in files given below


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