Mechanical water treatment

    Code: MCVV

    The dirty water created by the washing process is collected and cleaned and can be reintroduced into the circuit, which significantly reduces the water consumption. Herbold Meckesheim offers all the elements required for this circuit.

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      Hot washing

      Code: Hot Wash

      The hot washing stage serves not only for the removal of adhesives, but also for washing out remaining impurities in the flakes, such as sugar, soda residues, etc.

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        Guillotine for the processing of bales

        Code: HGS

        The Herbold guillotine was developed for the processing of bales of fibres, tapes, multifilaments, fishing nets, adhering films and large lumps or rubber bales. A hydraulically operated knife cuts the bales or lumps into slices of adjustable thickness.

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          Separation tank SWIM-SINK

          Code: SWIM-SINK

          Swim-sink tanks use the specific weights of the various kinds of plastic to separate them.

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            Friction washers FA

            Code: FA

            The material which is simultaneously washed and granulated in the wet granulator falls into a dewatering screw, which separates the dirt dissolved in the water.

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              Mechanical dryers T

              Code: T

              Herbold mechanical dryers for washing lines are highly efficient machines which work on the centrifuge principle. These units achieve excellent drying results, which in the case of many materials dispense with the need for subsequent thermal drying.

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                Thermal dryers TNT

                Code: TNT

                One of the last stages of the washing process is to dry the materials to a processing-capable residual moisture content, which can be between 0.5 and 10%.

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                  Foreign body separator SAS

                  Code: SAS

                  Foreign body separators work according to the sink-or-swim principle, i.e. according to the different specific weights of the various components of the input materials, so that it either floats to the surface of the water or sinks to the bottom.

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                    VWE pre-washing unit

                    Code: VWE

                    The VWE pre-washing unit combines the function of a foreign body separator with a pre-wash of the feed material. In three integrated process steps, the Herbold pre-washing unit separates foreign bodies such as stones, metals, glass, sand and paper from the shredded material, subjects the feed material to an intensive washing process and finally makes any more foreign bodies sink to the bottom

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                      Plastcompactors, HV series

                      Code: HV

                      Agglomerators for films, fibres and foam made of temperature-sensitive materials, such as PA or PET, as compactors, dryers and crystallizers (for polyester/PET).

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                        Washing line for plastic waste

                        Code: PET, PE Wash

                        Systems for the treatment of used, mixed and contaminated plastics.

                        Herbold plovimo linijų panaudojamos perdirbant:

                        • Agricultural, packaging and stretch films
                        • PP tape bags (big-bags, raffia)
                        • PET bottles and bottles made of polyolefins
                        • Fruit, vegetable and bottle crates
                        • Hard plastics of all types
                        • Plastics from car recycling
                        • Waste from electrical devices (WEEE)
                        • Containers and barrels
                        • Old PVC windows
                        • Battery casies

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                          Granulators SMP

                          Code: SMP

                          The SMP series for the processing of profiles and pipes.

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