Screening bucket MB-S23

    Code: MB-S23

    The largest screening bucket in the world, unique in its kind, can be used with excavators greater than 35 Ton.

    Ideal for use before or after crushing, the MB-S23 screening bucket will reduce crushing time up to 60%.
    It also allows the screening of natural material (quarry residues, dry soil, and river stone) of any kind, making it convenient for on-site processing.

    Sijojimo kaušas tinka:

    • Excavators starting from 35 Ton

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      Screening bucket MB-S18 S4

      Code: MB-S18 S4

      The MB-S18 screening bucket has been designed for medium and large-scale contexts that require high performance and large-scale production.

      This model is fitted with a metal separator that allows the rapid and efficient separation of iron from the material screened, as well as a spray for the reduction of dust resulting from operations.

      Sijojimo kaušas tinka:

      • Excavators between 20 and 35 Ton

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        Screening bucket MB-S14 S4

        Code: MB-S14 S4

        Compact and easy to transport, thanks to its reduced weight, it is essential in all situations requiring volumetric separation. 

        The MB-S14 screening bucket has been specially designed for clients who require high performance in small and medium-scale sites.

        Sijojimo kaušas tinka:

        • Excavators between 9 and 20 Ton

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          Screening bucket MB-S10 S4

          Code: MB-S10 S4

          Ideal for the selection of natural material, in pre and post crushing.

          The MB-S10 S4 screening bucket is the ideal choice for small-scale sites in which the reduction of costs is remarkably advantageous as aided by rapid movement in limited spaces.
          Crucial in space limited applications.

          Sijojimo kaušas tinka:

          • Excavators starting from 3,5 Ton
          • Backhoe and mini excavators between 4 and 9 Ton

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