Guillotine for the processing of bales

    Code: HGS

    The Herbold guillotine was developed for the processing of bales of fibres, tapes, multifilaments, fishing nets, adhering films and large lumps or rubber bales. A hydraulically operated knife cuts the bales or lumps into slices of adjustable thickness.

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      Granulators SMP

      Code: SMP

      The SMP series for the processing of profiles and pipes.

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        Granulator SMR for pipes

        Code: SMR

        The SMR series is designed for the processing of large pipes made of PP, PE, PVC and other materials.

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          Granulator HB

          Code: HB

          Granulator HB – Combination of grinder and shredder.The HERBOLD HB granulator has combined the idea of the supply bunker with hydraulic stamp with a granulator.

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            SMF fine granulator

            Code: SMF

            The SMF fine granulators are high-speed knife granulators which are suited to the fine grinding of plastic granulates and waste, and other soft to medium-hard materials.

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              Granulators SB

              Code: SB

              Herbold’s SB series with forced feeding are ideal for all types of size reduction applications from PET bottles to pre-shredded materials where maximum performance and cost efficiencies are a must.

              Pasižymi šiomis savybėmis

              • Higher throughput performance
              • Lower energy consumption
              • Larger product quantities
              • Lower noise emissions

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                Pulverizer PU

                Code: PU

                Herbold impact disc pulverizers in the PU series are high-speed fine grinders for the micronization of various materials.

                The PU disc pulverizer model is used for grainy or brittle materials, such as PE granules or rigid PVC regrind.


                • Compact, space-saving design
                • Short dwell time for the product in the grinding chamber
                • Universally convertible for various pulverizing jobs
                • Simple replacement of grinding tools
                • Optimal gap setting from outside

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                  Granulator SML

                  Code: SML

                  Granulator SML for light to medium loads. The SML series includes machines for normal, everyday applications in the plastics processing industry, besides the injection or blow moulding machine as the central granulator for larger parts, as edge trim cutters and for many more application possibilities.

                  SML-C tipo smulkintuvai pasižymi šiomis savybėmis:

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                    Granulator SMS

                    Code: SMS

                    Granulators of SMS series have powerful blades for shredding in tough conditions.

                    Pasižymi šiomis savybėmis:

                    • Heavy-duty knife granulator for tough applications and maximum outputs
                    • Flexible design for multiple applications by means of a removable deflection wedge
                    • Energy-efficient double cross cutting action
                    • Constant cutting circle due to adjustable rotor and bed knives
                    • Optimum access to the cutting chamber for ease of cleaning and maintenance

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